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Starmancer early Alpha released on 23 April 2019 for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. Closed beta began for Kickstarter backers and pre-purchase customers on 31 March 2021, and it launched into public Early Access on August 5, 2021

Early Access Version


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.50 was a patch deployed on 01 November 2021

New Stuff
  • Added Halloween Starmancer Core.
  • Added a pumpkin plushie and a spooky painting.
  • Perks now display their duration in the UI.
  • Added morale-affecting perks to the morale UI, like intoxicated
  • Added a context option for knocking out other colonists.
  • Added a context option for feeding knocked out colonists.
  • Slimes can now be fed via the context menu.
  • Removed text references of drones caring about beauty.
  • Added visual effect for things that are instantly consumed, like med kits and mental stabilizers.
  • Perks now show their duration when moused over.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when colonists tried to walk to an object that was unwalkable due to a blocked path, and they would keep generating a route to it endlessly.
  • The amount slider is no longer shown when context eating items.
  • Fixed a bug where colonists would attack slimes without being angry.
  • Fixed many instances where objects would show the wrong blueprint when being repositioned
  • Dead colonists will no longer become upset occasionally.
  • Reduced tech tree research duration for many objects.
  • Added therapist 9000, must be stocked with mental stabilizers.
  • Fixed issues with healing booth and slime grower statuses.


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.49 was a patch deployed on 18 October 2021

New Stuff
  • Morale modifiers are now shown on objects in both the build menu and the attribute area (bottom of the object window)
  • The ship can now be repositioned
  • Wall objects are now repositionable (sinks, oxygen creators, wall vents, posters, etc)
  • Added a cheat for instantly building. Type "cheater" in the build menu to access it. Objects must be placed after enabling the cheat. Click it again to turn off autobuild
  • Added memories for many decorations when colonists see them (posters, paintings, flower pots, holo display, and monument)
  • Autonomous colonists now have a -5 morale modifier and supreme colonists have a -10 morale modifier. This replaces the system where high ego (free-will) levels used to receive a multiplier on penalties
  • Hated tasks now have the lowest priority and the priority can't be changed by the player
  • Loved tasks now have the highest priority and the priority can't be changed the player
  • Wires, pipes, and airducts are now instantly buildable/removeable (colonists don't have to build them)
Bug Fixes / Misc
  • Fixed a bug where bunk beds and sofas were usable before being constructed
  • Fixed a bug where colonists wouldn't talk
  • Colonists now have a cooldown of 15 seconds before they can use generic free-time objects again. This forces colonists to stop staring at the same poster for 4 hours straight
  • Added new material for window selection (mouse over, marked for deletion, etc)
  • Added a new starting station. Content preview must be enabled before you start a new game. If you enable content preview after starting a new game, you can play on the old starting station
  • Added sterile window
  • Added spooky painting
  • Added pumpkin plushie
  • Fixed a bug where colonists wouldn't get organs after loading the game if they were already grown


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.48 was a patch deployed on 11 October 2021

New Stuff
  • Colonists no longer heal in beds automatically (you have to make them)
  • Medkits and Mental Stabilizers are now used instantly (colonists will no longer take them to tables to eat them)
  • Revamped the negative morale system. Colonists now get an "upset" perk when morale is low. After 24 hours, this becomes one of the low morale perks (permanently).
  • Mental stabilizers now remove all negative morale modifiers, which also makes it handy for curing the upset perk
  • Simplified morale into Good Memories and Bad Memories. Memories no longer stack. Food, toilets, beds, and free-time objects now contribute positively to morale. Most bad memories can be "removed" by providing something good to the colonist. An example: Sleeping in a bed will provide a morale buff and also remove the penalty from sleeping on the floor.
  • Increased colonist walking speed
  • Colonists now eat Biowaste at 25 hunger. Previously they would only eat Biowaste when hunger was 0, but this was also when they would start snacking on other colonists
  • Floors are no longer used for rec room free-time. This fixed a bug where the rec room setting seemed to do nothing. It also improves the fallback free-time state where colonists wander to a random floor
  • Colonists no longer display the hour-glass wait when they passout
  • Beauty no longer negatively affects morale, but it still positively affects morale
  • Slimes now default to fully fed, so they start friendly
  • Adjusted item ordering so that order count is decremented when production starts and incremented if production fails. This fixes an issue where the player will order 1 item and colonists will drop off additional required items when production starts
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong number of items were unrequested when cancelling a production order
  • Fixed selection material issues with wrecks
  • Rug wrecks (from fire) are now removed instantly when queued for deletion, because rugs can be deleted instantly (and there's a good chance that the player placed them in an inaccessible location)
  • Target dummy no longer requires power
  • Fixed a bug where walls would have the wrong rotation after moving an object from 1 adjacent side to another, if the object removed walls (like airlocks)
  • The O2 bar is now hidden when colonists are away on missions
  • Autosaving will no longer occur during the load screen. This would happen if you loaded a save while the autosave timer was almost finished. It could also happen if loading took too long
  • Fixed a bug where some objects could be used before they were constructed (this might not have fixed every occurrence).
  • The first crafting option in the context menu will no longer be grayed out if production can't start (the recipes that you select in the second part will still be grayed out)
  • Fixed a bug where the distribution booth didn't work
  • Hated job tasks now default to unassigned
  • Fixed a bug where colonists would become uninterruptible after using airlocks
  • Health can no longer become negative
  • Morale is now displayed in the attribute window (bottom of the colonist window)
  • The early access pop-up will no longer be shown on subsequent game launches
  • Moved free-time objects to a new build menu category, "Free-Time"
  • External floor is no longer used for eating
  • Fixed a visual issue with the standard window
  • Fixed a bug where planter boxes had the wrong material during construction
  • Zone tool is now easier to find with an icon that stands out more
  • Fixed a bug where colonists could walk through locked doors
  • Removed limp as a starting perk
  • Removed ego level from the attribute window (bottom of colonist window)
  • Eating animation is now the same duration as eating
  • Colonists now travel through airlocks much faster
  • Fixed a pathfinding bug that would cause an infinite loop (and would often crash the game or result in colonists appearing "frozen"). This occurred frequently if you sped up the game, because the bug was caused from high delta times
Preview content

There is now "preview" content available by going to the options menu and enabling "Enable Preview Content". Please test out new content for bugs, balance, and fun. Once it's stable, we'll move preview content to live. Preview content is subject to many changes before going live.

  • Added internal organ system. An internal organ is damaged anytime a colonist is damaged below 5 health.
  • Lung: Periodic damage when damaged. Colonist can't breathe when destroyed
  • Stomach: Chance to cause incontinence when damaged. Colonist can't eat when destroyed
  • Liver: Required to process alcohol and space rock. Sometimes damaged from eating alcohol or space rock. Consuming alcohol or space rock while the liver is destroyed will cause poison damage
  • Heart: Small chance to be damaged from any damage source. Chance to cause bleeding when damaged. Instant death if destroyed
  • Brain: Damage can add various mental perks, such as maniac, depressed, and incompetent. Instant death if destroyed
  • Added Organ UI to the health tab
  • Added medical desk, with recipes to create medkits and mental stabilizers from Goolerium
  • Added Healing Booth. Must be stocked with medkits. Restores health, heals internal organs, and removes zombie, cuddler, and slime infections. Also removes bleeding
  • Added Slime Grower. Creates slimes from Goolerium
  • [Experimental] Disabled terrain generation. Terrain will make a return as a "net" type mechanic when mining


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.47 was a patch deployed Steam, Humble, GoG on 17 September 2021

  • Fixed a bug where colonists wouldn't eat or sleep. This made the game more difficult than intended.


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.46 was a patch deployed Steam, Humble, GoG, and the Microsoft store 16 September 2021

New Stuff
  • Disabled animators on pipes, wires, and ducts, because they were killing performance when you placed too many (the visuals are now changed manually, so the effect is the exact same for the player)
  • Removed dev category from the build menu. You can still access it by typing "dev" into the build menu search bar
  • Moved the action buttons (turn offline, move, order colonist, etc) to inside the object window
  • Fixed a bug where an old save using the window wall paint wouldn't load correctly (this wouldn't affect new saves, only old saves)
  • Fixed a crash when colonists didn't save the recipient of an item delivery correctly
  • Fixed a bug where colonists would walk through airlocks to build floors if the colonist generated a route to the floor within 1 second of the floor being placed
  • Removed arbitrary wait when colonists remove an object
  • Fixed a bug where colonists would sometimes have no pathfinding floor. I'm not sure of the cause, but the band-aid fix for now is to manually find a pathfinding floor whenever they don't have one
  • Fixed a bug where queued colonist commands wouldn't be performed if they were queued while the colonist couldn't be interrupted, like when using an airlock
  • Contracts will no longer require more than 1 item. This makes them easier and also fixes issues where contracts would require 2 of the same item, and it could never be finished
  • References to components that are null will no longer cause crashes during loading
  • Memory icons are now smaller and easier to understand
  • Fixed a bug where cuddlers would spawn at 0,0,0
  • The wander state will now use a random, nearby floor, instead of finding a valid floor for UseReason.Sit (this is a performance improvement and also a gameplay improvement)
  • The objective window will now close more consistently when you skip the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where trying to claim an object that required being able to claim another object would result in the colonist using the wrong object
  • Fixed an issue with the sanitizer animation


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.45 was a patch deployed Steam, Humble, GoG, and the Microsoft store 10 September 2021

  • Added patch notes on the main menu
  • Added an oxygen bar when colonists are wearing helmets (helmets have a finite amount of oxygen in them, so if colonists wear them for long enough, they'll suffocate, but this wasn't indicated anywhere in the UI)
  • Added an hourglass above colonists that are doing anything that takes time (building, using the bathroom, repairing objects, etc)(there might be some cases where they display this at weird times)
  • Item caches now default to locked, and added alcohol to supply caches, for an early game morale boost.
  • Fire and blood are now automatically removed after a certain amount of time. Fire is removed after 12 hours and blood is removed after 3 days
  • Improved pathfinding performance
  • Slimes will now eat dead bodies then biowaste and then regular food
  • The internal overlay will no longer turn off if you build wires
  • Fixed a bug where some asteroids weren't removed after mining all resources
  • Fixed a bug where in-world interfaces weren't populated correctly after load. This affected the storage bin
  • Colonists now drop harvested crop items at their feet, so that someone else can worry about delivery to the correct place. This solves issues where farmers store seeds in fridges (this is a temporary fix, but might last a while)
  • Fixed a bug where internal floors could be built on external floors (this was caused from the terrain system changes)
  • Using shift to control time is now only enabled if "experimental" features are enabled. It's really just a developer tool for quickly speeding up time, but nice to have for everyone
  • Fixed a bug where repositioning the target dummy would turn it into an arcade machine
  • Fixed a bug where the overclocked upgrade didn't work. (this was a regression when I moved the duration value of production to a new query type, for performance)
  • Fixed a bug where chefs would cause a crash if they were using a recipe object while loading
  • Fixed various save issues
  • Colonists now need even lower morale to fight, and increased aggression required to fight
  • Colonists will now get negative morale perks at -95, previously it was -50 (this is to reflect that things should be going very bad and not just a little bad)
  • Removed arbitrary wait times before and after construction. Colonists had to wait a second before starting construction and then 2 seconds after finishing
  • Fixed a bug where colonists wouldn't put on helmets after repositioning an airlock (this is not back-ported, you'll have to delete any broken airlocks)
  • Fixed a bug where the local star wouldn't load correctly if you loaded a save from within a save
  • Fixed a bug where using the window paint type would cause walls to remove wall sides. This is because walls remove windows, and the window paint was tagging wall sides with the "window" key, which is the same key that windows use to identify themselves
  • Colonists will no longer require a different food after a few days of eating the same thing. This was disabled because colonists would eat the same thing even if lots of variety was available, until they started eating biowaste
  • Fixed a bug where colonists didn't always correctly stop using objects. This would cause the jukebox icon to never disappear, and many other backend issues


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.44 was a patch deployed Steam, Humble, GoG, and the Microsoft store 26 August 2021

  • Added a button for skipping the tutorial, it's a close button located in the top right corner of the objective area
  • Metal pots will no longer be returned by the rec probe (this was because previously metal pots were used to craft space rock)
  • Objects offscreen are no longer colored by overlays or the order button (there's a tolerance of 50% off screen, and it's updated every second, so should cover most situations, unless you're moving fast)
  • Tomatoes no longer have a reharvest stage, because they were making lots of babies
  • Only internal floors will be used for overlays now (not external)
  • Fixed a bug where temperature emission didn't work for some objects
  • Fixed a bug where item reservations were never cleared. Also added a 12 hour timeout to all reservations, to catch anything missed. (Items are reserved so that multiple colonists don't try to take the same item. It's a "dibs" system). This especially fixes issues with seeds, but should fix most occurrences of colonists not transporting items
  • Fixed a load crash
  • Fixed a bug where colonists would sometimes walk through walls (this was caused from colonists generating bad routes to floors, and thinking they were already at the target floor)
  • Fixed a bug where colonists would walk through airlocks (and this time I mean it?)
  • Colonists will no longer pathfind timeout while waiting for an airlock (this was also a source of colonists walking through airlocks)
  • Colonists will no longer "arrive" at the next pathfinding node when they start walking on a route. It would cause colonists to walk through doors occasionally. This was a huge oversight, and I blame Victor
  • Added a max pathfinding distance, for performance, because colonists can travel much further now
  • Improved pathfinding performance (inb4 it breaks something)
  • Added an option in the options menu to enable experimental features, enable it before starting a new game


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.43 was a patch released on Steam, Humble, GoG, and the Microsoft store 20 August 2021

  • Doors can now be visually unpowered and also openable (adjusted the animations)
  • Fixed some door issues, like colonists walking through closed doors
  • Moving airlocks to a wall will no longer create an atmosphere leak
  • Added a cheat to spawn a zombie and a cuddler, this is for testing purposes, but you can do whatever you want with it
  • Zombies will now eat dead bodies
  • Added a cap of 30 monsters (cuddlers, zombies, slimes, power leeches). Technically it won't try to spawn a monster if there's 30, so groups of zombies could cause a higher count, but the highest zombie group is 3
  • Fixed a bug where items were sometimes very big
  • Walls can now be used with the context order system (so constructing and deconstructing)
  • Improved performance of lights. This fix will significantly increase performance when floors are affected by multiple light sources
  • Fixed search text values for many objects (the search bar in the build menu)
  • Fixed a bug where template components (from recipes and other things) were NOT ignored and were being added to entities (like the chem table). This was potentially quite bad and was causing lots of weird behavior. Possibly introduced in the newest Unity version?
  • Fixed a bug where wall vent connections didn't persist through loading (this probably affected other similar types of objects too)
  • Fixed a bug where items were never removed from planets after warping. This was causing memory leaks (but probably not very big ones)
  • Adjusted space rock crafting recipe so that only an oven and ore is required
  • Contracts are now removed when their system body is removed. This fixes a bug where loading will cause many asteroids to have quests (because those quests were never removed, so they're floating around, looking for a location)
  • Kat notification will now correctly appear after loading (there might be some instances where a message that you previously read is created again, depending on when you made the save)
  • Colonist upgrade choices are now saved
  • Programming terminal will no longer request biomass
  • Increased priority of storage bins so that they'll always be stocked first (the priority is 99)
  • Items in storage bins will no longer be sold at trade pods
  • Added sounds to a few UI buttons that were lacking them
  • Colonists now display "dead" as their status if they're dead
  • Colonists and items will no longer be repositioned into doors or airlocks and items abandoned in airlocks will be repositioned
  • Fixed a bug where queueing a command while a colonist isn't interruptible (inside an airlock) would cause the command to never be invoked.


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.42 released to the public on Steam, Humble, GoG, and the Microsoft store 13 August 2021.

  • Fixed a bug where saves would crash if they couldn't find a wall side (this seemed rare)
  • Reduced frequency that visitors spawn
  • Removed noise morale penalties, because they're weird (why is the player punished for doing things in the correct way?)
  • Fixed a load issue with child agents not being found
  • Fixed a load crash that would occur if you saved on the same frame that a window requested a UI refresh
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes contracts would lose the reference to their location after loading.
  • Fixed a bug where wall sides weren't loaded correctly, which could cause crashes and other naughty behavior
  • Biowaste in toilets and waste recyclers will no longer create germs
  • Fixed a bug where colonists wouldn't correctly remove themselves from airlocks, which would block future colonists from using the airlock until the original user went back through eventually (which couldn't happen, because they'd wait in line)
  • Fixed a bug where placing objects on top of items would cause an infinite loop. This would happen when a floor's count of "incoming items" became negative (this is now fixed), which caused the code to think that the floor had space, when it didn't, and then it would keep trying to deposit it to the same floor forever
  • The loading bar on UWP (windows store) will no longer ping pong around like a maniac
  • Floors with objects on them will no longer turn red when ordering a colonist (they turn red to indicate the floor isn't pathfindable)
  • Items will no longer be placed under walls
  • Doors no longer create a light source when opened (this was a leftover from the old system where lighting was room based)
  • Mental stabilizers will now cure alcoholism, space rock addiction, and all of the negative morale perks
  • Rotten food can now be stored on shelves and sold
  • Improved lighting performance


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.41 released to the public on Steam, Humble, GoG, and the Microsoft store 10 August 2021.

  • Low morale perks (agoraphobia, pyromanic, brawler, etc) are now cathartic, and will restore colonist morale over 24 hours. So that the morale penalties are temporary. And the intent is that you have to clean up the mess rather than regrowing the colonist (just lock them in their room for a little bit, to keep them out of trouble)
  • Seeing a dead body will only affect social, and reduced the amount of morale lost when seeing a dead body (if colonists see the dead body multiple times you'll still get additional penalties)
  • Powered doors can now be opened when they have no power, but it's very slow
  • Removed free-will level requirements from the tech tree
  • Starmancer core now produces less oxygen
  • Reduced chance of fire from crafting failure from 15% to 1%
  • Reduced the frequency of object maintenance from every day to every 7 days. Reduced the break chance of objects
  • Colonists now have a 25% chance to become a maniac when morale is very low (previously it was 100%)
  • Colonists now display their lowest morale on the HUD (previously it was an average of all 3 morale values)


Starmancer Early Access 0.1.31 released to the public on Steam, Humble, GoG, and the Microsoft store 5 August 2021.

Beta Version


Starmancer Beta 0.1.28 released to Kickstarter backers and beta pre-purchase customers on Steam 2 August 2021. It was provided with keys for all Kickstarter backers yet to receive one.

New Stuff
  • The player now creates "storage zones" instead of the room based storage system. Shelves automatically extend the storage zone (this might change later)
  • Colonists now build and deconstruct objects
  • Trade pod now gives money instantly, and can be restocked instantly (but it still has a cooldown before resale will occur)
  • Oxygen emitters now stop production if all atmospheres are good, and water is only consumed after 24 hours of cumulative operation (so 1 water will provide 24 hours of operation for an emitter)
  • Building and deconstructing can now be performed via context menu
  • Items are now teleported instead of destroyed when inaccessible
  • Double clicking on colonist hud entries will now pan camera to colonist
  • Deposit commands now iterate through the command queue and add any items that the colonist is going to pick up on the way
  • Colonist ego level now increases automatically every 5 days. You can pay to level them up immediately
  • Skills are no longer reset to ego level on death (but there's still a chance to randomly lose a skill level on death)
  • Added many new items to the reclamation probe, like space rock and mental stabilizers
  • Players can now queue up future research in the tech tree (and all pre-reqs will be selected automatically)
  • Implemented an autosave. You can enable it or change the duration in the options menu

Minor Changes
  • Starting items no longer create the "item discovered" window
  • Fixed a bug where colonists would try to drop items off at biowaste (you can't put metal in poop)
  • Reduced trade pod travel duration from 24 hours to 12 hours
  • Colonists can now transport up to their container space (this affects the item transfer task)
  • Laborer levels now increase colonist inventory space (the levels that previously increased carry capacity)
  • Supply Caches can now be directly eaten out of
  • Increased amount of goo and silicon at asteroids
  • Reduced incubation tank cooldown from 180 minutes to 10 minutes (to give the grown colonist enough time to leave)
  • Decreased refinery power requirement by 33%
  • Increased amount of ore at each asteroid, and the amount of Ore Asteroids in the starting system
  • All Dish Drop Off Items can now be stored on shelves
  • Drones can now talk
  • Supply caches can now be eaten out of
  • Colonists will no longer perform a free-time state after every single short work state
  • Colonists will now abandon excess items if the player orders them to withdraw more than they can store
  • Bedroll no longer blocks pathfinding
  • Objects can now be built in front of the wall light
  • Mouse over statuses now render on top of everything in-world, so you can always read them
  • Ore Refinery can now be unlocked before the ship (because the player starts with a ship)
  • Implemented drunk vfx
  • Fixed an issue where colonists would drink all of the alcohol
  • The main area of windows are now hidden when context menu is activated
  • Recipe Caches no longer create the "offload unavailable" notification on the rec probe
  • Colonists will now drain needs while on missions, but only up to 15%
  • Colonists will no longer try to withdraw or deposit more than is impossible via context command (they determine the amount when they starting walking towards an object, so occasionally they'll still try to transfer too much, and abandon the excess)
  • Fixed a bug where decayable items would be lost if they were deposited in increments greater than 1
  • Fixed a bug where colonists didn't revert the kneeling animation if interrupted while fixing a broken object
  • Fixed a bug where colonist state data would persist if the state was requeued, this caused very naughty behaviour
  • Fixed a bug where item containers didn't correctly update their "amountCurrentlyStored" value, resulting in colonists depositing too many items (which would then spiral into many many issues)
  • Recipe success chances now start at 130%, so that only a colonist with low competence has a chance to fail
  • Fixed a bug where the floors next to manual airlocks were unwalkable if they were 1x1
  • Adjusted light colors and algorithm
  • Fixed a bug where interrupting an item offload would prevent subsequent offload
  • Fixed a bug where splats (fire, blood) couldn't spawn on a floor after loading
  • Undiscovered items are no longer added to item filters when pressing "add all"
  • Reduce colonist sleep drain, so that they'll require less sleep
  • Fixed a bug where after moving the airlock, it would use atmosphere values from its original position, which could cause colonists to not put on helmets...and then die
  • Decreased duration of all crafting recipes
  • DNA fragments are now passively generated. 1 per hour
  • Every new system in the tutorial increases colonist cap by 1
  • Swapped cryptominer and programming terminal in tech tree
  • Fixed a bug where using non-specific item types would cause issues. This affected the waste recycler and probably many other machines
  • Renamed deposit and withdraw context commands to "place" and "take"
  • Power leeches now default to do not kill, and they drop seeds instead of biowaste. Also decreased the amount of power they require
  • Added access position to windows, so that colonists can build them
  • Airlocks now have a liveable atmosphere inside, this prevents colonists from dying if they take their helmet off while in the airlock, for whatever reason
  • Colonists are now teleported if a wall is built on top of them
  • Storage bin no longer requires power
  • Ships will now satisfy item count objective requirements
  • Ships now display a notification if they can't be offloaded
  • Wall vent is now first object in atmosphere control
  • Generator can now be unlocked 1 tier earlier (its position was moved to the left by 1)
  • Player now starts with external floor unlocked (and moved some of the entries after airlock to the left, since the airlock entry was removed)
  • Removed temperature increasing/decreasing notifications, and adjusted when cold/hot room notification is displayed so that it's shown earlier (allowing the user to increase or decrease the temperature before it becomes an issues)
  • Fixed a bug where doors would get stuck open
  • Missions no longer create a pop-up window when they finish (instead there's a hud message)
  • Many more objects can now be moved after being placed
  • Lights can now be built on external floors
  • Added notification if trade pod is full and away (build more trade pods), and a notification if nothing is marked for sale
  • Replaced return to source button with a context command on the analyzer
  • Added notification when power is getting low in any grid
  • Production Orders are now decremented when production succeeds (previously they were decremented when production started)
  • Wires (ducts and pipes) can no longer be built in inaccessible locations
  • All objects now have a blueprint message about being innaccessible (previously a few defaulted to "location invalid")
  • Reworked the crop system
  • Adjusted station development tech unlock order
  • Fixed a bug where crafting wouldn't start, because not all fail reasons were correctly removed
  • Fixed a bug where colonists would attempt to perform certain actions while their inventory was full (liking picking up food and crafting)
  • Power leeches now consume a max amount of power
  • All treasures now require level 1 mining
  • Garden benches can now be used for sleeping and eating
  • Fixed a bug where sofas couldn't be built
  • Fixed a bug where wrecks couldn't be removed
  • Each tier of crafting is now gated by free-will level
  • Most access positions can now be used for any interactions (pickup, dropoff, repair, etc)
  • Adjusted requirement text to level up from free-will 1 to 2 so that it now says (168 hours)
  • Fixed a bug where returning to the main menu would sometimes cause issues (there was an important order of events that should be happening, but the order was previously arbitrarily set)
  • Fixed a bug where dead colonists would block floor walkability (until they were regrown)
  • Harvesting a colonist's head will now adjust the deposit queue appropriately (you can queue a head harvest and then immediately queue a deposit of that head)
  • Programming skill now has a text value when used as a text subject
  • Fixed a bug where incontinent colonists would spawn biowaste before being grown
  • Windows and walls can now instantly replace each other
  • Dialogue window now has a lower priority for receiving the "close" user input (pressing escape or right click)
  • Added a notification if nothing is being researched
  • Order button tooltip now displays a crew message (when relevant)
  • Increased amount that medicine heals
  • Liquid tanks are now grouped together in the build menu
  • Lights are now unlocked by researching basic power
  • Fixed many loading related issues
  • Free camera rotate is now a playerpref
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips weren't always removed. This also affected many UI elements, and was a source of a memory leak
  • Fixed a bug where infinite timer duration wasn't correctly saved (this affected the "time since last death" and "time alive" value on colonists)
  • Fixed a bug where the incubator could default to a non-purchased ego
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate help entries were sometimes visible
  • Simplified the mission creation system
  • Colonist colliders are now larger when not near other colonists (so that they're easier to click)
  • Location "danger level" is now called "infection risk"
  • Add a mission event for zombie infection and cuddler infection (there was already an event for slime infection)
  • Free time status text is now different if colonist is on work shift. This makes it much clearer that the colonist has no work to perform
  • Fixed a bug where the object window would start to sink in the screen, until it was eventually impossible to see)
  • Fixed a bug where many UI objects were never removed. This probably wasn't good, and likely causing memory leaks
  • Fixed a bug where game would crash if you harvested a colonist that started growing when the game was saved (and then loaded)
  • Fixed another bug where colonists would get stuck in the airlock
  • Added failed food dish ("goop") to shelf item filters
  • Rebalanced many item prices
  • Fixed a bug where colonists have an unnamed perk with a generic icon
  • Fixed a bug where colonist bodies would sometimes disappear
  • Fixed a bug where multiple colonists could use the same object at the same time via the context menu
  • Fixed a bug where bedroll couldn't be context used for sleeping
  • Context menu now indicates if an object can't be walked to
  • Improved space rock's effects
  • Colonists will now drink alcohol much less frequently (unless they're alcoholics)
  • Drinking alcohol will now remove hangovers
  • Morale boosts will now remove low morale perks (so alcohol can cure nightmares, just like in real life)
  • Colonists now have a randomized starting uniform color
  • Colonist memory log is now cleared when they're reborn (because they can't remember things from a past life)
  • Fixed a bug where saving while a message was open would either prevent the message from ever appearing again, or it would appear but be uncloseable
  • Context menu error messages are now less generic
  • Adjusted ego level text
  • Colonists now display their uniform color in the ego selection window
  • Reduced amount of starting objects
  • Fixed a bug where rugs weren't correctly repositioned by the player
  • Context button now refreshes validity in real-time (an edge case if the colonist dies or otherwise becomes uncontrollable while the window is open)
  • Fixed a bug where helmets would turn before bodies (this affected any sprite placed after the camera had been rotated by the player)
  • Task assignment window now shows primary skill and the selected colonist's skill level
  • Fixed a bug where airlocks would cause crashes if there was ever no floor adjacent to them
  • Fixed a bug where objects could be used before being built


Starmancer Beta 0.05b released to Kickstarter backers and beta pre-purchase customers on Steam 27 April 2021.

New Stuff
  • Previously selected floors/walls are now used when building rooms
  • Press shift while building a floor to replace all floors in that room with your selected type
  • Colonists can no longer be upgraded unless the pre-requisites are met. Also changed the requirements
  • Renamed ego level to "free-will" level
  • Added a camera zoom sensitivity slider to the options menu
  • Camera rotation is now smooth, instead of instant
  • Atmosphere flow is now multi-threaded, so performance should be much better (inb4 it's now broken)
  • Implemented more monster visuals
  • Removed upgrade requirements from objects
Bug Fixes / Minor
  • Fixed lighting of many cosmetics
  • Fixed many issues with fuel, and added the fuel tank back to the game
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would have bad sprite rotation after load
  • Added a cheat for spawning fire
  • Contracts no longer ask for ice.
  • Fixed a bug where programming terminal didn't work
  • Fixed a bug where the oven and dish drop-off didn't correctly work
  • Fixed some issues with the crop spot not being understandable
  • Fixed a bug with adjacent objects not correctly finding each other
  • Fixed a bug where multiple visitor events would spawn at the same time
  • Changed the icon of the ego level tab in the colonist window
  • Cleaned up the layout of the ego level up window
  • Fixed a bug where a few item crates would visibly move while being carried
  • Wall objects can no longer be placed on walls that are adjacent to windows
  • Fixed an issue with colonist and buildbot lights
  • External objects now use the same fallback light color as external floors
  • Fixed a bug where the average joe perk would sometimes cause colonists to have no perks
  • Airlock now shows attributes in the build menu
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur while skipping dialogue text
  • Kinetic bullet can now be stored on shelves and sold
  • Fixed a bug where sealed doors would take too much atmosphere when transferring
  • Build menu variants can now always be right clicked, even when player can't afford them
  • Fire no longer creates hud messages or slows down time if it's placed on a floor with no oxygen (because it gets removed instantly)
  • Possibly fixed an issue where the upgrade UI wouldn't correctly show upgrades after save-load
  • Storage bin no longer uses room's item filter and can't be used while offline


Starmancer Beta 0.04b released to Kickstarter backers and beta pre-purchase customers on Steam 20 April 2021.

New Stuff
  • Added better low morale penalties
  • Lonely: Will talk to inanimate objects
  • Violent Outburst: Wwill fight, with less regard for aggression or morale
  • Hunger Strike: Won't eat
  • Agoraphobia: Refuses to leave their room
  • Prankster: Locks random doors
  • Horder: Steals food, will consume it if hungry, otherwise, they're just stealing it from the other colonists
  • Nightmares: Has nightmares, these emit noise, making it harder for nearby colonists to sleep. Worth extra money at the dreamcatcher
  • Vandal: Sprays graffiti on walls, these are ugly
  • Arsonist: Starts fires
  • Added an earlier airlock that doesn't require power
  • Added the Dream Catcher, used to monetize colonist dreams, so that they'll be profitable even while sleeping
  • Added sprites (and animations) for the monsters (still a work-in-progress)
Bug Fixes / Minor
  • Fixed a bug where rotating the camera would incorrectly move the skybox camera
  • User input is more consistent at low and high frame rates
  • Added visuals for when a colonist is knocked out (or passed out)
  • Rugs (and other cosmetics) can now be raycast selected
  • Fixed some issues with window placement
  • Improved painting selection when holding shift


Starmancer Beta 0.03b released to Kickstarter backers and beta pre-purchase customers on Steam 12 April 2021.

New Stuff
  • Added some Kat cosmetics—door, rug, and plushie
  • Temperatures in a room now slowly revert to the systems baseline temperature. In normal systems this means that turning off machines will cause the room to slowly cool off
  • Colonists now have a chance to pass out if on a floor with low oxygen
  • Trade pods no longer have a 3 day wait, instead, they’ll automatically launch once fully stocked with items (10 item capacity). Players can press a button to launch early at any time. Additional trade pods can be purchased. Pods take 24 hours to return with money
Bug Fixes / Minor
  • Fixed a bug where monsters dying in an airlock would make it inaccessible
  • Autonomous colonists no longer hate drones and supreme colonists no longer hate autonomous colonists. But Supreme still hate drones
  • Items can no longer be abandoned in an airlock
  • Solar panels will no longer work while broken
  • Fixed a bug where returning to the main menu would cause naughty behavior
  • Moved color selection panel to a different area on the UI
  • Item transfers from a competence fail are now abandoned, which makes the behavior much more obvious to players
  • Food Brick Factory can now be built an an external floor
  • Fungus Collector and Ice Rod no longer generate noise
  • Small battery no longer drains power, but it only stores 100 power. Large battery stores 1000
  • Removed time of day lighting changes
  • Fixed a bug where windows wouldn’t refresh their lighting values in null rooms
  • Fixed a bug where the unbreakable upgrade would still allow maintenance
  • Flower pots are now selectable
  • Removed purging
  • Colonists no longer receive a negative biowaste or carry dead body memory if they like those tasks
  • Reclamation probe now displays a notification if there’s no where for its stored goods to go
  • Shelves now display a notification if it’s not set to store any items
  • Morale now prevents colonists from disliking other colonists, even if they hate the personality type (with a percent chance based on morale value)
  • Made another improvement to how the data folder is found to fix even more issues on non-windows operating systems


Starmancer Beta 0.02b released to Kickstarter backers and beta pre-purchase customers on Steam 2 April 2021.

  • Added option to disable rotating skybox camera (and the effects of increased timescale are no longer 1:1 with the camera speed)
  • Names are now visible on variants in build menu
  • Added a zoom button to the tech tree, and scrolling will now pan vertically.
  • Righting clicking not on the UI will now close any active window. If you don"t think that the build menu should be closed with right click, please tell us
Bug/Minor Fixes
  • Increased priority of carry dead body
  • Drones no longer have a buy cost
  • Player now gets 3 free colonist rolls per day and cost was reduced to 1
  • Variants in the build menu are now colored
  • Trade pod can no longer be removed
  • Build foundation icon is now more distinct
  • Skill pips now have a percentage bar
  • Floors next to windows are now removeable
  • Blood is now red
  • Delete save button is now red
  • Fixed a bug where colonists wouldn't always carry dead bodies. You'll have to kill any colonists who are already bugged. Regrowing should be do the trick.
  • Fixed a bug where shelves weren't always used
  • Fixed a bug where batteries and bunk beds couldn't be unlocked. This caused an orphaned agent to exist in old saves. But it's harmless. You'll see it in the tech tree.
  • Reduced morale penalty from noise
  • Fixed some crashes
  • The data folder will now more reliably be found on mac


Starmancer Beta 0.01b released to Kickstarter backers and beta pre-purchase customers on Steam 31 March 2021.

Alpha Version


Starmancer Alpha 0.0.3 released on Steam 3 May 2019.

  • Colonist Morale System (only the backend)
  • Colonist AI Category System (work, free-time, sleep, etc)
  • Wires/Pipes/Air ducts are no longer removed until an object is constructed, and they're restored when that object is removed
  • Implemented a different selection system
Bug Fixes
  • Input field is now cleared everytime it's opened
  • Construction material is now only lit once
  • Food recycler will more consistently close when all biomass is removed
  • Input slot on ore refinery will now reset once production starts
  • Fixed some saving issues
  • Fixed some miscellaneous null reference crashes
  • Fixed some issues with different region settings
  • Fixed some issues with colonists eating
  • Fixed a sprite sorting order issue.
  • Fixed some issues with the item queue.
  • Fixed some issues with room lighting.


Starmancer Alpha 0.0.2 released on Steam 26 April 2019.

  • Added a pop-up window when an exception is caught. It shows the error, and the stacktrace. This will negatively impact performance, but will help us track down bugs.
  • Object deletion will now be cancelled if you mark an object for deletion while it's already marked for deletion.
  • Added Stardancer to the Music library
  • Added new game Icons in different sizes
  • Added emission texture to the Starmancer Core Body
  • Added an Application Config Banner
  • Increased colonist movement speed from 1.0 to 1.5
  • Reduced hunger tick reduction from .07 to .04. So it now takes 41.67 game hours to become fully empty
  • There are now 3 nanobot builders.
  • There is now a random delay between 0 and .2 seconds added when the build bot finishes construction. It helps to make the 3 build bots appear less synchronized.
  • Generator now has a notification when it is out of items
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with building an air duct through a wall.
  • Added RealtimeSoundPlayerComponent. It pauses / resumes sounds when the game is paused / resumed.
  • Sounds will now resume at the correct runtime when save-loaded (hopefully).
  • The search bar is clickable again.
  • If you don't enter a save name, it will now be provided for you. Maybe this fixed a crash issue.
  • Doors shouldn't cause an atmosphere leak anymore.
  • Fixed some AdjacentObjectFinder issues.
  • Fixed an issue with colonist job priorities not being correct when assigned.
  • Fixed an issue where colonists would perform jobs after they were unassigned.
  • Objects are now rotated in correct directions when Q and E are used
  • Fixed a bug where the AdHocMaterialChangerComponent would not correctly revert materials on renderers that were not linked before an AdHoc material change was applied.
  • Fixed a bug where the AdHocMaterialChangerComponent would not forward material changes to renderers that were not linked. This caused an issue when using the All key (because the All key is always forwarded).
  • Fixed a bug where materials were incorrectly reverted when a renderer was unlinked on an entity that still had other renderers with the same key. This is a complicated way of saying that crates were being incorrectly reverted on shelves.
  • Toilets no longer have the "OwnableComponent" on them. So multiple colonists can use the same toilet (not at the same time). Disgusting.
  • Removed OwnableComponent from several entities that didn't need it, like the garden bench.
  • Changed rug position offset from .1 to .01.
  • Objects will no longer increase their damage chance while building the starter station.
  • OnColonistWalkedTowards.isColonistAtObject now defaults to true. This fixed an issue where the build bot would become permanently stuck when moving towards an access position that had been removed. This would occur if you removed an object while a build bot was building it.
  • Action_MoveTowardsVertex now succeeds if the target vertex is null. This will probably prevent an infinite loop in the future.
  • The BuildBot is no longer added to the TileGrid, and it's no longer stackable. This fixed issues with floors thinking that an object was on top of them.
  • Action_IteratePathfindingRoute now calls OnCurrentPathfindingFloorChanged. Previously, it was directly stacking colonists and floors. This fixed a separate issue with the build bot placing itself on floors.
  • Crop crates will no longer show up in food recycler
  • Material changes are now always applied when a renderer is linked in the AdHocMaterialChangerComponent.
  • Objects can no longer be claimed if they're queued for deletion. (this was already implemented, but I made it more consistent)
  • Objects can no longer be deleted if they're claimed (but they can still be claimed for deletion).
  • Made the water level for the Fountain receive lighting properly
  • Starmancer Core is no longer removable
  • Nanobot Swarm is no long able to be selected, as well as get material changes for being selected and moused over
  • Moved ConstructionItemConsumer from the Swarm entity to the Station Entity (and forwarded all events).
  • Build cost resources are now consumed when an buildable object is claimed, and not when construction starts. This prevents multiple builders from starting construction at the same time with the same exact resource.
  • Fixed a stack order issue when forwarding stacked agent events between children and parents.
  • Agents are now stacked when construction is finished instead of in OnPlaced.
  • Adjusted all crop crates to have biomassable attribute
  • Removed deconstructable component from Nanobot Station Entity.prefab


Starmancer early Alpha released on version 0.0.1 on Steam 23 April 2019. At this stage access was limited to a group of Kickstarter backers.