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Starmap with no selection

The Starmap displays the celestial bodies in a solar system that your ship can do Missions and Contracts on.

It will be available once you have built a landing pad on your station.

The Station's ship can then do missions/contracts by left-clicking a celestial body.

The Starmap panel will show the celestial body's description, resources that you can acquire, the danger level of that body, and the requirements you will need in order to acquire resources if you chose to do a Mission or if its a Contract then the resources you need in order to accomplish that Contracts needs and get the rewards.

Starmap Display

Starmap information section when you select a celestial body

Body Description

Shows the Celestial body's information, these are all for informational use only and not used for any game mechanic.

Resources & Skill Required

Shows the resources that a Mission/Contract will acquire once successfully completed and the corresponding Mining skill level required.

Danger Level

Affects the success chance of the Mission/Contract, The higher it is the lower the Success chance will be, assigning a high skill colonist or more than 1 colonist increases the success chance of that Mission/Contract.


Items or Ship upgrades needed in order to start that mission.

If it requires items it will need to loaded to the ship first in order for the colonists to start that Mission/Contract.

If it is a ship upgrade it will need to be installed on the ship assigned using an Upgrade Module for that Mission/Contract to start.

System Selection window

Activate Warp Drive

This is a button that will display the System selection window to select a new Solar System to warp to.

Currently on Beta 0.1 it is free to warp anytime as much as you want.

Warping can harm colonists that are on the exterior of the station and will eliminate Monsters outside. It is currently the quickest way to get rid of enemies on a starting station.