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The colonist shift control window

Scheduling is an advanced time management option which is unlocked after researching Job Scheduling.

After unlocking this research a new window is available when clicking the small clock button on the lower right bar in-game.

Shift Control

The shift control window is where hourly shifts can be set for groups or individual colonists. By default colonists work during the day hours and sleep beginning at midnight. The work hours (orange color) can be recolored to direct colonists to eat, sleep, or have free-time instead. This is done by first selecting the type by pressing the top button, then once selected clicking the unit of time which you'd like to assign it.

The types of shift blocks are

Icon Color Name Description
Sleep Colonists will seek out a bed, or sleep on the floor if necessary. Satisfies Sleep need.
Work Colonists will perform Job Tasks based on their assignments and priority. Reduces morale.
Nourishment Colonists will seek out and eat food. Satisfies Hunger need.
Free-Time Colonists will socialize and enjoy decorations and entertainment. Restores morale.

Colonists can be assigned to the shift by clicking the + icon below the timeline. Colonists set to the schedule will be listed by name below it.

Create a new Shift

There are a variety of reasons to assign colonists to a separate shift. Maybe two colonists don't get along, and you'd rather have them alternate shifts to limit their interaction, or you might have a colonist who has perks which determine they require less sleep or need to eat more frequently. Whatever the reason, having schedules which are set to accommodate your colonists is important in keeping their morale high.

To create a new shift select 'Create Shift' inside the window. It will create a new timeline which can be adjusted to have its own schedule.

When a new shift is created no colonists are assigned to it, so make sure to assign the colonists you want to work that shift to it before closing the window.