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Perks are unique attributes colonists have. They're viewable inside the colonist info panel and at the generation screen. Perks can be either positive, negative, or neutral.

Positive Perks

Name Description Details
Charismatic Icon.png
Charismatic Liked by everyone Type:UniversalLove -- Loves[A,B,C] -- Hates[]
Speedy Icon.png
Speedy Moves Faster
Pacifist Icon.png
Pacifist Never fights
Insomniac Icon.png
Insomniac Requires less sleep
Excitable Icon.png
Excitable Morale boosts are doubled
Morbid Curiosity Icon.png
Morbid Curiosity Fascinated by blood and dead bodies
Tolerant Icon.png
Tolerant Morale penalties are reduced by half
Fast Learner Icon.png
Fast Learner Increased skill experience
Loner Icon.png
Loner Requires much less socialization

Negative Perks

Name Description Details
Frail Icon.png
Frail Reduced health
Aggressive Icon.png
Aggressive Fights much more frequently
Gluttonous Icon.png
Gluttonous Gets hungry faster
Incompetent Icon.png
Incompetent Bad at everything
Hateful Icon.png
Hateful Dislikes everyone
Oversleeper Icon.png
Oversleeper Requires more sleep
Incontinent Icon.png
Incontinent Randomly poops, even in space Colonist may gain the Incontinent perk by having poor food choices
Anxious Icon.png
Anxious Receives double morale penalties
Disgusting Icon.png
Disgusting Does disgusting things. Sleeps and poops on the floor
Germaphobe Icon.png
Germaphobe Hates all things biowaste
Slow Learner Icon.png
Slow Learner Reduced skill experience
Mean Icon.png
Mean No one likes this person
Limp Icon.png
Limp Moves slowly
Faint Hearted Icon.png
Faint Hearted Terrified of blood and dead bodies
Nyctophobia Icon.png
Nyctophobia Afraid of the dark

Neutral Perks

Name Description Details
Potty Mouth Icon.png
Potty Mouth Randomly uses expletives
Multiple Personality Icon.png
Multiple Personality Has a random perk each day
Average Joe Icon.png
Average Joe Nothing special
Deaf Icon.png
Deaf Can't hear Colonists gain the deaf perk if they are exposed to deafening sounds for 24 hours
Mute Icon.png
Mute Cannot talk
Blue Skin Icon.png
Blue Skin Resulting from error in uploading process
Green Skin Icon.png
Green Skin Resulting from error in uploading process While the perk name has a green color it is considered to be a neutral perk

Acquired Perks

Name Description Details
Spacephobia Icon.png
Spacephobia Will never venture into space again, too spooky
Hoarder Icon.png
Hoarder Steals Food
Stinky Breath Icon.png
Stinky Breath Ate something disgusting
Brick Belly Icon.png
Brick Belly I want to Lie Down
Nightmares Icon.png
Nightmares Recent events prevent this colonist from getting good sleep
Sour Icon.png
<nameless> Colonist has a strange taste in their mouth Permanent, Loses health over time, when the colonist dies a space zombie is born
Bleeding Icon.png
Bleeding <description-less> Loses health over time and drops blood on the floor