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Water Objects

Name Description Cost Research
Toilet Stall Icon.png
Toilet Stall Useful for sleeping, eating, and defecating. The most efficient object known to man. The stored Biowaste generates germs. Money Icon.png 1,000 Toilet Stall
Water Purifier Icon.png
Water Purifier Converts Dirty Water into Clean Water. Money Icon.png 5,000 Water Purifier
Liquid Pipe Icon.png
Liquid Pipe A pipe that connects objects with Water, Biomass, and Fuel. Money Icon.png 1 Water Storage
Wall Sink Icon.png
Wall Sink Provides Water for Cooking. Colonists can also pour Biomass, water, and Fuel into it. Money Icon.png 1,000 Water Storage
Water Tank Icon.png
Water Tank A tank that stores Water. Money Icon.png 500 Water Storage
Biomass Tank Icon.png
Biomass Tank A tank that stores Biomass. Money Icon.png 500 Water Storage
Fuel Tank Icon.png
Fuel Tank A tank that stores Fuel. Money Icon.png 500 Water Storage


Name Description Cost Research
Ice Rod Icon.png
Ice Rod Money Icon.png 1,000 Ice Rod

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