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Power Objects

Name Description Cost Research
Wire Icon.png
Wire A wire that connects objects with power. Money Icon.png 1 Basic Power
Small Battery Icon.png
Small Battery Batteries store power. Power is consumed when objects are active, and generated by Generators and Treadmills Money Icon.png 1,000 Basic Power
Big Battery Icon.png
Big Battery These batteries store even more power. Money Icon.png 7,500 Big Battery
Treadmill Icon.png
Treadmill Colonists generate power while running on the treadmill. Must be connected to a battery. Money Icon.png 1,000 Basic Power
Generator Icon.png
Generator A machine that generates power using Fuel from the Chemistry Table. Money Icon.png 5,000 Generator
Solar Panel Icon.png
Solar Panel Praise the Sun! Money Icon.png 15,000 Solar Panel
Ore Refinery Icon.png
Ore Refinery A machine that converts Ore into Metal Money Icon.png 5,000 Ore Refinery
Workbench Icon.png
Workbench A machine that creates small items, like Flux Coils. Money Icon.png 7,500 Workbench
Programming Terminal Icon.png
Programming Terminal Converts Silicon into Data Chips, used for many recipes. Silicon is found on asteroids in space. Money Icon.png 7,500 Programming Terminal
Chemistry Table Icon.png
Chemistry Table For all your Chemistry needs. Requires Goolerium, found in space, with the Landing Pad. Money Icon.png 7,500 Chemistry Table
Cryptominer Icon.png
Cryptominer Generates unique hash encryptions that are quite valuable. Are more efficient in cold rooms. They pay for themselves after a few days, but require a constant source of Electricity Money Icon.png 10,000 Cryptominer

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