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Food Objects

Name Description Cost Research
Fungus Collector Icon.png
Fungus Collector Passively collects Space Fungus that Colonists can technically eat Money Icon.png 1,000 Fungus Collector
Waste Recycler Icon.png
Waste Recycler A machine that converts waste products into Biomass Money Icon.png 5,000 Waste Recycler
Food Brick Factory Icon.png
Food Brick Factory A machine the produces edible nutrition bricks out of Biomass Money Icon.png 15,000 Food Brick Factory
Planter Box Icon.png
Planter Box A farm plot for growing various crops. Requires either carried or piped water. Money Icon.png 1,000 Planter Box
Oven Icon.png
Oven A kitchen appliance required for Chemists to cool food. Designated meals are made daily. Money Icon.png 2,500 Kitchen Objects
Dish Counter Icon.png
Dish Counter A counter for Chemists to drop off cooked dishes. Requires oven, fridge, and food cupboard depending on recipe. Money Icon.png 2,500 Kitchen Objects
Fridge Icon.png
Fridge A kitchen appliance for storing food and keeping it cool. Used by Chemists for cooking Money Icon.png 2,500 Kitchen Objects
Cupboard Icon.png
Cupboard A cupboard required by Chemists to prepare food Money Icon.png 2,500 Kitchen Objects
Juicer Icon.png
Juicer A kitchen appliance required for Chemists to make drinks, like Alcohol and Tomato Juice Money Icon.png 15,000 Juicer

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