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External Objects

Name Description Cost Research
External Floor Icon.png
External Floor External floors are placed outside the station. Use airlocks to connect them to the internal floors, inside the station. Money Icon.png 10 Airlock
Airlock Icon.png
Airlock Connects internal and external areas. Prevents the transfer of both heat and gas between rooms. Money Icon.png 1,000 Airlock
Mining Drone Icon.png
Mining Drone A Mining Drone that brings back Ore. Requires Fuel from the Chemistry Table. Money Icon.png 5,000 Mining Drone
Solar Panel Icon.png
Solar Panel Praise the sun! Money Icon.png 15,000 Solar Panel
Hauler Icon.png
Hauler Used to collect resources and perform missions in the local star system. Money Icon.png 10,000
Trading Pod Icon.png
Trading Pod Sells your items to the highest bidder in the star system. Sale automatically occurs once fully stocked, or you can manually launch the Pod earlier. Money Icon.png 1,000


Name Description Cost Research
Landing Pad Icon.png
Landing Pad Used for performing missions in the Star System. Money Icon.png 15,000 Landing Pad
Radar Dish Icon.png
Radar Dish A radar dish that finds infested Stations and Anomalies. Extra radar dishes do nothing, but they look cool. Money Icon.png 5,000 Radar Dish

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