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Atmosphere Objects

Name Description Cost Power/min Research
Oxygen Recycler Icon.png
Oxygen Recycler A machine that recycles oxygen Money Icon.png 15,000 3 Life Support
Thermal Regulator Icon.png
Thermal Regulator A machine that regulates the temperature by using large amounts of electricity Money Icon.png 5,000 3 Thermal Regulator
Thermal Emitter Icon.png
Thermal Emitter The unique coil structure converts Electricity into Heat. Turn off when not in use, or enjoy some BBQ Money Icon.png 5,000 1 Thermal Emitter
Thermal Exchanger Icon.png
Thermal Exchanger Exchanges temperatures between rooms. Heat flows from hot to cold. Can also be placed on an external wall. Money Icon.png 1,000 Thermal Exchanger
Wall Vent Icon.png
Wall Vent A vent that allows air to flow between two rooms Money Icon.png 1,000 Life Support
Oxygen Emitter Icon.png
Oxygen Emitter Passively converts Carbon Dioxide into breathable Oxygen. It's what colonists crave. Money Icon.png 1,000
Airduct Icon.png
Airduct A duct that connects to machines that produce oxygen and transports it to each end point Money Icon.png 1 Life Support

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